Carling Academy

Carling Academy is a sought after venue for music concerts in Liverpool. After extensive refurbishment, the Carling Academy was opened in September 204 followed by a special BBC 6 music gig featuring Ladytron, Franz Ferdinand and The Mountaineers. The Carling Academy occupies the former home of the L2 in Hotham street round the back of Lime Street.

The building has been renovated to provide two venues in one building. Now the Academy has a 1200 capacity main hall on upstairs along with a 500-seater capacity hall on the ground floor. The main hall upstairs includes an enlarged balcony and extended bar area.

Carling is the UK's largest selling beer brand and has enjoyed a long-standing relationship within the music industry. The UK boasts one of the most exciting and progressive music scenes in the world and since 1998 Carling Academy has sponsored leading live music events across the country.

Since 1998, the Academy has witnessed many a music show and has found itself a prime place in the gig market. The Carling Academy is run by the McKenzie group and has venues at Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham and Brixton.

Big names who have played at this newly opened venue of Liverpool includes the legendary Blondie, Athlete, The Thrills, Kosheen and Liverpool's very own Ladytron and Shack.

In order to add excitement to the Liverpool nightlife, the Carling Academy also hosts regular club nights to cater to all musical tastes and preferences from house to Indie, specialist DJs and live artists from around the world. The current site of the Carling Academy was once a warehouse in the 19th century and the building is steeped in musical history.

Carling Academy