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Aviano is located about nine miles north of the city of Pordenone in Italy at the foot of the Dolomites Mountain range. The region in which both Aviano and Pordenone are found is called Friuli Venezia Giulia. Historical evidence reveals human presence in Aviano Italy as early as 186 BC.

Venice is about fifty three miles from Aviano, whereas Florence is about two hundred and ten miles and Rome about three hundred and eighty miles distance. Aviano is as renowned for its NATO defense link as for its incredible golf courses. It is an air force hub, a prestigious air base for the United States.

Aviano Air Base :
Aviano Air Base is located at the base of the Italian Alps, approximately 20 miles north of Pardenone, in the northeastern part of Italy. Aviano Air Base stretches between the towns of Aviano and Pardenone, nine miles south of the base.

Aviano Air Base was established in Italy as early as 1911, even before the US Air Force. American presence in Aviano Air Base dates back to World War II. Aviano is more of a 'reserve,' a base to stores war materials. Aviano layout is considered to be unique because it consists of seven areas including administrative, community and support, the 16th Air Force command compound, the fight line area, a munitions storage area, a civil engineering complex, a recreational area and a decommissioned fuel rail head.

Aviano golf :
This place is located on a steep hill on an elevation of 980 feet. This place is not as lively as the other town of Capri. Graham Greene, the novelist lived here and his villa is conserved here to date.

The castle of Aviano is a fitting place to play Italian golf in its essence. The Italian terrain offers dramatic elevation changes. Aviano may not have the immaculate conditioning of some of the top Italian courses, but it has charming club houses with stone walls and birds singing in thick ambushes.

Aviano tourist attractions :
Aviano has a lot in store for the tourist to explore. Fairs and festivals are held all year round, showcasing the local produce and wines very well. All around rich farmlands can be found. There are a lot of different vineyards, orchards and other produce that lend both an world charm as well as pastoral quality to this quaint village.

There are innumerable sites nearby the Alps well-known for skiing and mountaineering. Other locations near Aviano include the cities of Gorizia, the castles and forts of Trieste, along the border of Slovenia and the Roman ruins located at Grado, and the beaches found at Lignano. Not to miss the Giant Caves with its amazing cave forms, a short drive away from Aviano.

The remains of the Castle built around the first half of the tenth century are located on a hill nearby the city. It has two towers, the mastio and the walls. The Renaissance styled church of Santa maria e Giuliana houses a precious sculpture by the masters of Salzburg. The Cathedral of San Zenone built between 1775 and 1832 has painting from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The church of St.Gregory in the frazione of Castello houses precious fresco cycle of the Passion of Christ dated late sixteenth century.

Piancavallo ski resort :
Situated in the Dolomites in the neighborhood of Aviano in the province of Pordenone the Piancavallo ski resort is about 1267 meters above sea level at the foot of Monte Cavallo. There are 24 kilometers of alpine ski runs and 26 kilometers of cross country ski trails here. It is indeed an Ice Palace with sled dog trails, snow parks for children and snow tubing enchantments

Aviano Italy tour:
There are several luxury hotels with suites in Aviano for the tourist to stay. The hotels are built strategically to view the nearby Castello ruins and the church of St.Gregorio. Parks with rare plants and small lakes abound the hotels. There are plenty of restaurants in and around Aviano offering excellent food including the tiny pizzeria. A number of local hangouts with friendly Italians offer thin-crusted, hand-turned pizza and calzone.

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