Adventure Travel Vacation

The purpose of vacationing holds different meaning for different people. The spiritually inclined select places for spiritual growth, some seek the golden beaches to swim in clear blue seas or relax and unwind in the sunny weather. Some love heritage destinations to reminisce over historic monuments, ancient ruins, magnificent palaces and forts. Numerous hill stations, exquisite alpine and Trans-Himalayan destinations and tropical rainforests - the list is endless. Indeed, there exists a sincere connection between people's interest and selection of vacation theme.

Grown-ups with an adventurous zest opt for adventure travel vacation to venture out and discover the hidden beauties and treasures. It serves to quench the innate thirst for adventure. And, Mother Earth has blessed us with ample surprises. There still remains a world of hidden treasures waiting to be unraveled. Embarking on an adventure travel tour provides an opportunity to explore and experience the many facets of the earth.

The spirit of adventure travelers

Those with a passion for adventure travel vacation seek unusual holidays, not the regular sightseeing itinerary. The expectations surpass that of an average tourist, adventure travelers are always looking for thrilling experiences. Driven by a deep sense of adventure, they are individuals who are ready for expeditions in paths less traveled by others. Adversity, challenge, self-realisation are the factors that drive adventure travelers visit remote locations, explore the unexplored, engage in exciting activities or just wait for the unexpected to happen. If you have the zest, zeal and enthusiasm, get set for an adventure travel vacation.

Adventure travel vacation

The realm of adventure travel is pretty broad. It is best understood as a trip that tests your skill, toughness and endurance. For some it is experiencing thrilling adventurous activities like mountaineering, going on exotic cruises, engaging in water sports, desert safaris, walking through the wilderness, exploring wildlife, sailing or even bungee jumping. For some, it is rock climbing, others like to pursue an exploration trip that ensure memories for a lifetime. Whatsoever, it stretches beyond physical normal capability but does not definitely mean a trip that involves endangering one's life.

What it can mean to you?
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of routine life.

  • A close date with nature

  • An opportunity to participate in challenging and fulfilling activities

  • Increased self-esteem, improved communication and socialization skills

  • Ample quality time for self-identity and awareness

  • Positive tool to build strong caring family unit.

Adventure travel tour

Across the globe, many places are fast emerging as adventure hot spot destinations. Draft a wish list. Jot down the top 10 exciting and appealing incidents you look forward to experience in life. This helps to find how adventuresome you are, provides insight into your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you may hate the bugs and humidity that is common while camping in the wild, but love the nature. You may cherish a dream to hike up a Fourteener in Colorado, but is it possible if you fear heights?

Search for opportunities, track places for adventure travel vacation. Take help from travel agents; look in magazines, search the web for packages and deals or explore ideas with family and friends. Find tour operators or companies; remember to check their credibility. Doing some investigations or pre-tour research helps. Use these tips, ask yourself and check with the tour operator the following:

  • The number of adventure tours, the location and services offered

  • The intended group size, the specific tour focus

  • Tour operator's policies and procedures

  • Review previous itineraries

  • Discuss the type you are looking for

  • Request for a draft itinerary

  • Short-list probable places matching expectations

  • Determine trip difficulty and check your physical capability

  • Whether feasible for family vacation including children

  • Ask questions like how much walking or hiking is involved

  • Assess the climatic conditions and related preparations needed

  • The cost factor and its components (airfare, meals, fees etc)

  • Strictly a budget oriented or high-end facilitator.

From scaling the high peaks of the Himalayas, trekking to the Valley of Flowers, riding the waves in the rapids, or taking camel safaris in the desert- match your expectations with the destination specialties.

Family adventure travel

Family adventure travel lets you share the world of adventure with family. With children, you may not prefer sky diving and bungee jumping but wildlife safaris and rain forest trekking can be a truly adventurous option. Ideally, you should be looking for soft adventure vacations that are safe with an opportunity to learn new things. Look out for special family vacation trips.

While planning for a family adventure travel vacation, remember to take into account children's ability and interests of all members. Involve whole family including children and plan a trip. Your children will have fun and cherish these memories for years to come. Take along a family first aid kit, medications, a back up pair of eyeglasses and other items deemed necessary in case of an unexpected turn of events.

Adventure travel vacation tips
  • Do your homework well.

  • Get equipped with destination habits, health risks, food, society, facilities etc.

  • See your doctor. Getting vaccinated is required for select areas.

  • To get in perfect shape, design appropriate physical exercise program.

  • Pack as small as possible; backpack luggage is the most convenient.

  • Secure passports and visa before and during travel.

  • The climate of intended place of travel should decide clothing.

  • Take recommended clothing, gear and travel gadgets.

  • Take comfortable shoes, sunscreens and repellants.

  • Drink only purified water.

  • Multi-tools can be handy

  • Consider the benefits of taking travel insurance

  • Prepare for appropriate communication links - a cell phone or satellite phones.

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