Beaches of Greece

All the ardent beach lovers are likely to be confronted with a baffling task after visiting beaches in Greece ? that of deciding which one is best. You may wish to swim in the clear deep-blue water or just laze around on the sandy beaches; each beach has something unique to offer. Beaches of Greece marked by majestic landscapes, dazzling sandy shorelines, clear Greek sky and crystal clear water promise an unforgettable vacation full of leisure and delight. This combined with the unique hospitality of the locals makes the beaches of Greece a suitable destination for a family, a group of friends, a couple or just alone.

Beaches of Greece

The Mediterranean climate that prevails in most parts of Greece, the vast stretches of beach bestowed with quality water for bathing, swimming, and water sports make it a year-round travel and cruise destination. If you prefer to feast in solitude lying on a deserted beach, visit the beaches during off-season. But, if you love to be part of Greece choc-a-bloc with visitors, plan your visit during the hot months of July and August. Delightful, soul-stirring bouzouki music, ballos dancing coupled with tasty Greek cuisine and wine, the beaches of Greece are beckoning.

Corfu beaches

Corfu Island with a coastline of 117 kilometers is well connected by land, air and sea transport. The beaches of Corfu (Kerkyra) are a blend of long endless stretches of sand as well as some sheltered coves of beaches. While the western coast is a vast stretch of white sand, the eastern beaches are filled with natural pebbles. Corfu is a favorite destination for water sports. Diving, scuba-diving facilities, jet skiing or canoeing, beaches of Corfu offer it all!

Beaches of Naxos

Naxos in Cycladic islands can be reached through air or comfortable ferry service transportation. With 90 miles of pristine coastline, the beaches of Naxos are a mixture of quiet beaches as well as beaches that never rest. Sandy beaches with white or golden sand in the south-east coast are quieter, most suitable for those who yearn to spend time in solitude. Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopis beach, the beaches of Mikri Viglia and Kastraki, the beaches of Apollonas, Psili Ammos and Panormos are other beaches of Naxos with crystal clear warm water, beautiful surroundings and endless stretch of pale sand. The beach of Mikri Viglis is especially popular for windsurfing.

Beaches of Paros

With daily sir connections to Athens and frequent ferry connections all over Greece, the beaches of Paros are a favorite tourist destination. At the center of Cyclades, between Naxos and Sifnos, the island of Paros is bestowed with stunning beaches along the 120-kilometer coastline. Water sports, windsurfing, swimming, sunbathing in the warm sandy beaches or snorkeling around the beach, Paros offers many possibilities.

The good roads of Paros can tempt you to enjoy a ride that offers breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. Other captivating beaches are Agia Irini, Agios Fokas, Ambelas, Chyrsi Akti, Krios, Livadia, Logara, Piso Livadi and Punda. With seaside restaurants to savor the delicacies of Greece and nightlong dancing and singing, beaches of Greece are irresistible. Unwind comfortably on the deck chair with an umbrella to keep you warm, let your eyes feast on the scenic beauty while your ears enjoy the rhythmic waves slashing on to the shore.

Santorini Beaches

Just like Paros, Santorini is easily accessible by air from Athens or by ferry services. The beaches of Santorini are unique. The beaches are filled with white, red or black sand. Make sure your itinerary covers every bit of enjoyment the beach has to offer. Laze around the beach in the early morning sunshine, fill the day with sightseeing and use the cruise services to the volcano. Munch special delicacies and don?t miss the wines, a specialty of Paros. Combine this with a breathtaking view of sunset from Oia Village. Become part of the active nightlife of Santorini mostly centered around the villages of Fira and Oia.

Sifnos beaches

In the absence of an airport, boarding a ferry from Piraeus is the only way to reach Sifnos Island. In contrast to Santorini beach, Sifnos beaches don?t keep visitors busy. Beaches in Sifnos like Faros, Vlyho or Fasolou are a perfect destination for a quite, peaceful escape. In direct contrast, it is crowded at Platis, Gialos, Vathy or Kamares. Cocktail bars and discos are part of beachside life in these areas. Vathy or Vathi with fine sand and pebbles strewn around has earned the privilege of being rated as the best beach for those who want to get away from crowd. Marina beach allows nude bathing and snorkeling. Some beaches in Sifnos can be approached only by walking through picturesque paths and by boat. An enthusiastic tourist will enjoy combining swimming and walking along the coastline.

Lesvos beaches

You can use air services from Athens or frequent ferry services that are available across different locations to reach the island of Lesvos. Blessed with an extended coastline of 370 kilometers, the Island of Lesvos is an enchanting tourist destination with great beaches and other magnificent must-see places. Agios Isidoros beach is voted as the 7th best beach in Greece. This unique pebbled beach is maintained with great care and attention. Swimming in the crystal clear water, sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Tsamakia, Kourtziz, Vigla, Kratigos, Panaguiouda, Skala Pamiflon can be an unparallel experience. Other stunning beaches include Ammoudeli, Faneromeni, Hassanaria and Paliokastro. A huge imposing rock by the seaside of Melida attracts diving enthusiasts.

Greece with its varied attractions draws people across the globe year after year. More than first timers, the tourist population primarily consists of yearly visitors. People of Greece are highly dependant on tourism to make a living.

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