Edinburgh Tourist Board

Tourism industry in Edinburgh supports more than 17,000 jobs. With tourism in Edinburgh contributing nearly ?904 million a year, it is little wonder that the Edinburgh tourist board has been making all out efforts to woo visitors to the land of the Lothians.

Edinburgh tourist board
The Edinburgh tourist board has been making concerted efforts to woo visitors from Sweden. There has been a spurt of direct low-cost air links from Sweden as Scotland is a prominent tourist and business destination. The Edinburgh tourist board has seen the effect of budget airlines on tourism in Ireland and is seeking to replicate it in Scotland. This is being supplemented with increased marketing efforts. Scotland attracts tourists seeking wildlife and outdoor holiday. Even golf buffs would find Edinburgh an attractive destination. The Edinburgh tourist board is also targeting tourists from Europe who are seeking a weekend break as this segment accounts for nearly 50% of the visitors to the city. The tourist board of Edinburgh is the right place to pick up tourist booklets as well as book accommodation and tours. You can also find maps and souvenirs too.

Edinburgh tourist information
Edinburgh tourist information is available from the website of the Tourist boards of Edinburgh and Scotland. A tourist to Edinburgh should arm himself with adequate information about the places to visit in this ancient city. Edinburgh is home to the world's greatest arts festivals that draw more than a million visitors. The New Year's Eve celebration in Edinburgh, the Hogmanay Celebration has acquired the reputation of being one of the largest street parties in Europe. Edinburgh tourist information for students coming to the University of Edinburgh can be sought either from the Tourist Boards or the University itself. With its unique blend of the ancient with the modern, Edinburgh offers a spectacular view of the dramatic moors.

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