Hibernian Football Club

The Hibernian Football is one of Edinburgh's main Football clubs. Founded in 1875, this club was formed out of the immigrant Irish Catholic population that was initially discriminated against by Scottish Football authorities at that time. Hibernian Football club of Edinburgh is the club for North and East Edinburgh and has been a pioneering spirit for British Football. With the team colors of emerald green and white, Hibernian fans refer to their team as the Hi-bees or just Hibs.

This team plays the Scottish First Division. Some of the past players who have taken the Hibernian Football club to spectacular successes are George Best, Bobby Johnstone, Lawrie Reilly, Eddie Turnbull, Willie Ormond, Pat Stanton, Alex Cropley, Arthur Duncan and John Blackley. The name Hibernian stands for Ireland in Latin. This Football club of Edinburgh has the distinction of being one of the pioneering clubs to enter European competition in 1955. The Hibernian Football Club of Edinburgh saw a golden period in the 1960s.

The team reached the semi-finals of the Fairs Cup (UEFA) in 1961. Under the guidance of Jock Stein, one of Scotland's greatest coaches, the Hibernian Football club of Edinburgh went on to achieve the 2-0 defeat over the Real Madrid Football Club in 1964. Clubs such as Juventus, Porto, Leeds United and Liverpool have played with the Hibs.

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