Edinburg Dungeon

Edinburgh dungeon takes you back to the terrible times of Scottish history, complete with scenes of terror and torture, mutilation and mass murder. The Edinburgh dungeon was built by Merlin Entertainment at a cost of ?5 million. Located on Market Street and next to Waverley Bridge, this horror attraction is a popular tourist attraction. Visiting the Edinburgh dungeons can be unnerving - with witch hunters, grave robbers and murderers lurking in the deep shadows and dark caverns. A tour of the dungeon at Edinburgh shows some of the torture equipment used in medieval times as well as vignettes of early attempts at surgery. A visitor to the Edinburgh dungeon will be immediately enveloped by the total darkness and the Gregorian-style chanting. The effects of thunder, lightning and gruesome tortured figures standing out in the flickering light of the candles is definitely not for the faint hearted. The Edinburgh dungeon is a mix of theater and wax museum - executioners, blood and gore and guillotines and machetes.

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