Edinburg Airport

Edinburgh airport Edinburgh airport was established in 1915 for the Royal Flying Corps. It was originally known as Turnhouse aerodrome and was operational during World War I. This RAF Turnhouse then went to fulfill its military role for nearly 40 years before it was handed over to the Ministry of Aviation in 1960. The BAA PLC took over the administration of Edinburgh Airport, which was then officially opened by the Queen in 1977. The Edinburgh airport has undergone a ?100 million-investment programme for upgrading and extension. The airport handles nearly 6.3 million passengers and is seeing remarkable growth on account of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. It continues to remain a major airfreight centre on account of its excellent road network to other parts of Scotland.

Edinburgh airport parking

Long stay parking at Edinburgh airport is one of the most economical ways to leave your car. There are many parking options at Edinburgh airport. Off airport car parks are more economical than on airport parking at Edinburgh. Such parking facilities also offer free transfers to and from the airport. Meet and Greet services are offered for Edinburgh airport parking. You can be met at the airport and have your car waiting for you on your return. Park and Fly is yet another car parking option in Edinburgh airport. Security is the over riding concern when choosing a parking option in Edinburgh airport.

Edinburgh airport hotel

Edinburgh airport hotels are ideal for those on overnight and transit breaks. The proximity to Edinburgh airport can make for a relaxed dinner and night's rest before taking a flight the next day. Many websites allow you to locate and choose a hotel of your choice near Edinburgh airport. A booking with an Edinburgh airport hotel can save you an early morning start and also beat the rush hour traffic. This facility is also ideal if you wish to park your car. Many a time, Edinburgh airport hotel rates work out to just a few pounds more than parking at the Edinburgh airport alone.

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