Fruit Market Gallery

The Fruit market Gallery at the south edge of Waverley station is one of Edinburgh's contemporary art galleries that is host to international as well as the Scottish arts. The exhibitions held at the Fruit market gallery are aimed at encouraging new work as part of its endeavor. The building was originally a fruit and vegetable market in 1938. However in the later years, it became the Fruit Market gallery and has been operating as a visual arts space since 1974. The building was rescued from threats of demolition by the Scottish Arts Council. However at the end of 1983, the Scottish Arts Council relinquished management of the building. But in the spring of 1984, the Fruit market Gallery became an independent space with the continued support of the Scottish Arts Council. Later in the year 1992, the gallery was closed for refurbishment and today it is one of the most modern buildings in Edinburgh city with its glass frontage. The gallery also has a caf? and a bookshop for its visitors. Today many people enjoy and appreciate contemporary art through the Fruit market Gallery's education and events programmes. The gallery also conducts lectures, workshops and outreach projects aimed at school students, community and disabled groups.

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