Edinburgh Film Festival

Edinburgh is a city of festivals, the film festival being one of the more popular ones. When you travel to Edinburgh in August or September, don't miss out this spectacular festival, which has seen many great moments. The Edinburgh film festival is celebrated since 1947 and has become established as the true home of innovative and exciting cinema. The festival has been host to the world's greatest moviemakers. Started as a documentary film festival in 1947, this film festival in Edinburgh has become one of the most spectacular and long running film festivals in the world. The movies premiered at this grand show of Edinburgh include Flaherty's Louisiana Story, Rossellini's Germany Year Zero and Mizoguchi's Ugetsu Monogatari. The festival developed throughout the 50's and 60's and has emerged as a premier stage for world cinema. This festival remains a medium of encouragement and is years ahead of its time. It has paid tribute to the talents of Huston, Fuller, Sirk and Scorsese.

Films from all over the world are screened at the Edinburgh film festival. From the 70's and 80's, the Edinburgh film festival started screening films from the New German Cinema through to the American Independents. The Edinburgh film festival has helped in pioneering studies on black and feminist cinema and movies like My Beautiful Launderette were discovered here. The event showcases movies from around the world and encourages new ventures in British cinema. It not only encourages the movies and the moviemakers but also displays the best of documentaries from around the country. With 58 years of glory, the Edinburgh films festival is a must-see for film lovers. The Edinburgh film festival also supports the media-based education with the help from the Edinburgh city council. The festival provides a programme of films and events that offer primary and secondary schools the rare opportunity to experience the film industry.

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