Newcastle City Hall

The Newcastle city hall showcases the finest acts from around the world be it rock, pop or musicals. The city hall in Newcastle was opened in 1927 and since then has been hosting a host of cultural shows to entertain the visitors and Newcastle public. The first dedicated concert venue, Harrison and Harrison organ was attached to the hall later in 1928. With 75 years of existence, the City Hall at Newcastle has hosted concerts by major British Orchestras featuring conductors such as Sir Malcolm Sargent and soloists like Yehudi Menuhin and Kathleen Ferrier. In addition, local choirs and societies hold their annual concerts at the Newcastle City Hall. Civic functions and celebrity recitals are also held in the City Hall at times.

This greatest cultural explosion started in 60's when the Newcastle City hall started hosting package tours featuring The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. The city hall has been a great landmark for musicians - in fact, it has hosted the first tours of future legends. Apart from music, the Newcastle City Hall has also witnessed hilarious comedy shows by Billy Connolly, Victoria Wood and Reeves and Mortimer.

Newcastle city council
The city of Newcastle has an exhaustive city council comprising 78 councilors. The Newcastle council has 26 wards and three councilors are elected to represent each ward. The Councilors are in charge of the overall policies of the Newcastle council and they set the budget each year. The Newcastle Council appoints a Leader and Executive in order to look into the public issues. The city council of Newcastle has a scrutiny panel to scrutinize the work carried out by the Executive in order to ensure that the Council delivers the objectives.

The Newcastle City Council frames policies and ensures that appropriate actions are taken to safeguard the interests of the state. The council works on environmental issues; transport plans and crisis alert plans. Recently, the Newcastle council has been awarded the British Computer Society award. The award is to recognize the excellent Customer Relationship Management by the Council in partnership with an IT firm. The Newcastle City council also brings out a free news magazine - City life, which is packed with lively stories, competitions and other useful information that is of interest to the residents and visitors alike.

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