Newcastle United Football

The Newcastle United Football club came into existence because of South Byker's Stanley Cricket club's decision to form an association football club in 1881. Since it's beginning, the club has undergone many name changes until it became Newcastle United FC. The first name change was done in 1882 soon after the victory over Elswick Leather works 2nd XI. In order to avoid confusion with the Stanley club of South Durham, the club was renamed as East End FC. Meanwhile, across the city, another cricket club began to take an interest in football and in August 1882, they formed West End FC. The club was backed by a wealthy local dignitary- Bill Tiffen. The Newcastle United had two names associated with it for a long time - William Neasham and John Black. Though there was an initial loss to the West end, the Newcastle United slowly gained prominence with its victories in the premiers that followed every season. Later with more losses, some players and officials from West end joined the East end team.

Later in 1892 the club decided to acquire a new name and new image after gaining division-2 in the football league. Then the club legally adopted the name of Newcastle United Football Club on 6 September 1895, when Newcastle United Football Club Co. Ltd. was constituted. In the initial stages, the club lost most of its matches and failed to make it to the football league. However with consistent performance, the Newcastle Utd gained momentum once again among the Tyneside public. Soon after the First World War, the Newcastle united FC saw the entry of players such as Frank Hudspeth, Neil Harris, Tom McDonald and Stan Seymour. Consequently, the Newcastle United FC lifted the FA cup against Aston Villa, beating them 2-0. The Newcastle Utd football club spent the World War II searching the North East for promising and talented young players. They came up with players like Jackie Milburn, Tommy Walker and Bobby Cowell. With more skillful players, the Newcastle Utd attracted football fans with its stellar performance. Later in 80's and 90's, this Newcastle FC was spear headed by more powerful leaders and players that included 'Pop' Robson, Wyn Davies, Bobby Moncur, McFaul and Jim Smith.

Newcastle united ticket
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