Newcastle falcon

Newcastle Falcon has an exciting team that has been winning two consecutive premier championships. The Newcastle Falcon has its origin in Gosforth Football Club in 1877, which had established itself as a top English Rugby club. This club has provided many great players to the international scene. Since then, the Gosforth Football club underwent many name changes, the first being Newcastle Gosforth. Later in 1995, the club was taken under the wing of the Sporting Club with the appointment of Rob Andrew as Director of Rugby. With these changes, the Gosforth section of the club eventually split and resulted in the creation of the Newcastle Falcon based at Kingston Park.

From then, Rob promoted the Newcastle Falcons by recruiting quality team players. Though the tactics he used to recruit players raised speculations among the rugby establishment, the Falcons ended up becoming runners-up in the 2nd Division match. Since then the Newcastle falcons started stretching out for premier matches and won titles. Their first Premiership was away to Bath, which is unforgettable in the Falcon history. By securing a 20-13 win against Bath, the Newcastle falcons stunned the Rugby world.

This match gave Stuart Legg a permanent name on the team sheet, when he replaced Tony Underwood at the 28th minute for his leg injury. With this victory, the confidence among the Newcastle Falcons grew. With stunning victories and performances over the season, the Newcastle Falcons gained more attention among their fans. Thus support for the team grew and the final two home games of the season were moved from Kingston Park to the 11,500 all-seater Gateshead International Stadium. This proved to be a highly popular move with the supporters. With a victory over the World XV at Twickenham in the Sanyo cup in 1997/8, the Newcastle falcons proved to be among the best teams in the world, thus keeping up the hopes of Rob.

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