Growth of Newcastle upon Tyne

The history of Newcastle upon Tyne traces its name to the castle constructed by the Normans in 1080. Located in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear, this city in the UK gained prominence for its coal exports. The coalfield of Northumberland provided the city with its phrase - 'carrying coal to Newcastle'. The 19th century saw the city of Newcastle upon Tyne with varied prosperous industries - shipbuilding and heavy engineering. At one time, a quarter of all the world's ship building industry was based here. The growth of Newcastle upon Tyne played no small role in the prosperity of the nation. Gradually, the heavy industries declined and Newcastle upon Tyne saw the growth of office and retail employment opportunities.

Today, Newcastle upon Tyne has grown to become the regional capital of the northeastern part of the UK. Though it does not have the thriving coal mining and shipbuilding industries it once had, Newcastle has many new career opportunities. A bustling city with a population of about a quarter million, Newcastle upon Tyne offers a swinging nightlife - It was ranked eight best party city in the world by Weissman Travel. The people of Newcastle area are famous for their sense of humour and distinctive accent. Like most other cities in the UK, Newcastle upon Tyne has its fair share of football clubs and has a rich sporting tradition. Newcastle has also acquired a reputation for being a shopaholics delight - it boasts of Europe's largest shopping centre.

A look at the history of Newcastle upon Tyne takes us back to its handsome cathedral and a plethora of museums. Special mention must be made of Newcastle's 6 bridges - the Redheugh Bridge, King Edward VII Bridge, Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, The High Level Bridge, the Swing Bridge and the George V bridge. The history of Newcastle upon Tyne can be traced back to the Roman and Medieval times. It still bears remnants of its historic past in the form of its impressive Georgian and Victorian buildings. The fort of Segedunum is located at a strategic point.

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