Newcastle University

Newcastle University occupies a large campus close to the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. The university district is located in the north end of the city, either side of the Civic Centre. Newcastle is the regional capital for over three million people living in North East England, and has been a centre of commerce and culture for almost 2,000 years. Most of the city's attractions such as shops, cafes and pubs, theatre, Newcastle United FC are within a few minutes' walk from the University campus .

Newcastle University is one of the successful universities in Britain with excellent teaching and attractive campus. The university offers unique courses and has attractive units such as centre for Life long Learning, which offers diploma courses for students of all ages. Apart from this the University has extensive range of courses varying from Diploma to Post graduation.

In addition to the studies the Newcastle University also contributes to the regional community through its innovative projects such as the wetland project in county Durham. The University has a very extensive library which consists of 3 main libraries. The Robinson Library is in the main campus library and has resources for all subjects except medicine and law. The resources for medicines and related journals and books can be found in the Walton Medical Library situated in the Medical School. The library serves the needs of the Medical, Dental and Biomedical Sciences. There is a separate library for the law and related books. These resources can be found at the Law library situated in the Law School. The University is particulary known for its libraries and has millions of books catering to various subjects. Among the libraries Robinson Library is particularly very large and a first look can confuse you. In order to help the students the University conducts a Welcome Programme where the guide or the tutor helps you to explore the library at any time on your own.

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