Greece Cruise

Paradise redefined ? a cruise on the expanse of the Greek Islands. Primeval history is deep rooted in the islands that you can explore through Greece cruise. The inimitable culture of the people and the beautiful bright blue roofed houses are a first hand experience to be savored on a yacht cruise of Greece. Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos and Corfu are the most famous islands and have their own share of Greek mythology.

Greece Cruise

In the land of Zeus, there are different varieties of Greece cruise packages to opt from. You have to choose the right cruise depending upon the islands that you would prefer to visit from the array of islands that a cruise operator has to offer. Saronic islands, Sporades islands and the Dodecanese islands are the island packages that Greece cruise operators normally offer.

Each one of them includes stops at four or more islands. It is preferable that you take at least a week?s off or more to travel on a Greece cruise as there are so many wonderful beaches, customary restaurants, steep slopes, mountain regions, awesome mountainsides, water sports and the well-known night by night pleasurable entertainment to take pleasure in. While you are on a cruise, you have the option of going to small towns as well as cities to shop, eat and make the best of each place.

There an assortment of things to derive pleasure from in the cruise ship itself. The Greece cruise operators give every vacationer an incomparable vacationing environment thereby giving the traveler a treasured holidaying. The enormous blue ocean with its crystal clear water, cobbled roads, the people, the enormous terrain, and of course the food put together for an out of the ordinary exploration on your cruise.

Choosing Greece cruise
  • Handpick a cruise after you make up your mind on the islands you want to visit.

  • Ensure your Greece cruise operator offers you a lot of on-board activities that interest you.

  • Speak to the tour operator on how many stops they will make and what will be the time you spend on each stop.

  • Understand the islands, towns and cities that you are going to visit and ensure that you have shopping options in each place.

  • Depending on how much you can afford to spend, you can choose a cabin close to the front view thus giving you a lovely look at the ocean or a cabin in the interiors as it will work cheaper. Choose the cabin you want in the beginning itself as you may not be encouraged to switch cabins later.

  • Last ensure that your tour operator has given you the best deal for the money you are paying him.

Safe and secure Greece cruise
  • While transiting ports ensure all your valuables such as jewelry, watches etc. are worn by you or kept safely in the handbag.

  • Do not talk about your home details or for how long you are away from home to strangers.

  • Put all your valuables in the ship?s safe when you are not using them.

  • Designer perfumes, expensive creams and even medical prescriptions have to be stored away safely.

  • While you are away sight seeing at any of the towns or cities, do not overload your wallets and take care that you are not being followed.

Yacht Greece

The Greek archipelago has about 3,000 islands if you take account of the rocky outcroppings the figure gets to 9,500; of this merely 140 are inhabited. Awe-inspiring views, alluring white beaches, marvelous shorelines ? a Greece yachting retreat allows you to discover the veiled splendor of Greece.

According to the size of the yacht, type and services made available as per request, the rents of the yacht will differ. You can choose from sailing yachts, motor yachts, motor sailors and powerboats. If you are on a small budget you can opt for a 27-foot sailing yacht that has three cabins which can sleep 6 people and one bathroom.

The rentals for this yacht are as low as $1,000 per week. It is lower if you are sailing off-season and if you hire a skipper then you will incur an additional cost of $600 - $700 per week. There are completely outfitted crewed yachts for the elegant crowd for a rent of $17,000 per day; of course there are crewed yachts with a rent of $1000 - $2000 per day too.

Any well-established yacht company will offer you a group of bases (Athens, Paros, Syros, Corfu, Preveza, Lefkas, Skiathos, Samos, Kos, Rhodes, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye and Antalya) including the entire the area of Greece, a qualified staff, and technical support thus giving you the option to sail wherever you want and with self-confidence.

With a yacht you can always slip off to places as you please and stop wherever there are anchorages at your convenience. You also can save the trouble of packing and un-packing at every island. You also have the additional choice to remain on the dock always thus remaining close to the waterfront.

Greece yacht season

The right season to go yachting will be from late March or early April all the way through October. During winter the weather in Greece is very erratic and you might face a rampant storm or temperate days or something in between. The rates of the yacht are fixed as per the season. During peak season (July/August) the rates are high and during off-season the rates are cheaper. Fall is the maximum discount season; spring and fall are less crowded than other seasons.

Greece cruise itinerary

Saronic islands: Located in the south of Athens. The main islands to visit are Aegina, Poros, Spetse, and Hydra. You can also visit the Peleponnesus.

Cyclades islands: Located in the east of Athens in the Aegean Sea, this is the most often visited island. Santorini and Mykonos are located in this island. You will find the best sailing angle and will not have to encounter waves and rough winds.

Dodecanese islands: Located in the eastern Aegean and is close to Turkey. Kos, Patmos, Chios, Kalymnos and Samos are the main islands.

Sporades islands: Includes Skiathos, Skopelos and Skiros and is located in the north of Athens.

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