Greece Vacation

Whether you want to laze on the beaches feasting on the azure waters of the Mediterranean, indulge in water sports or adventure camps or explore archaeological ruins, travel to Greece offers something for everyone. Ancient Olypia, the Acropolis, oracle of Delphi, Delos island of ruined cities, Byzantine art, music and meals at a local taverna ? Greece vacations are made of these!

Greece vacation

Greece is teeming with museums, from the largest archaeological museum in Athens to the smaller ones in Crete or Santorini. Beautiful monasteries and churches are testimony to Greek Orthodox religion. The monasteries at Meteora and Mount Athos have a strong historical significance. No vacation to Greece is complete without sampling the famous Greek coffee.

If you prefer, you can opt for the cold froth version Frappe. You can experience Greek culture with its late-night Mediterranean meals and rebetika music. Greek food, made with local olive oil offers many a tasty dish, from moussaka to keftedes and tzatziki. Indulge your sweet tooth with baklava or loukoumades. Retsina wine, made with pine-needle resin is a Greek favorite. You can also try ouzo, an aniseed-based spirit or local brandy.

You can indulge in water sports at most Greek islands. Water skiing, speed boating, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities are available aplenty. You can go trekking in the Pindos mountains and Peloponnese. Tourists to Greece can shop for lace, jewelry, metalwork and local wines and spirits. You can scour the local flea markets for regional specialties such as ceramics from Sifnos and Skopelos, flokati rugs from Epirus region and delicate embroidery and lace from Crete.

Greece travel

Crete finds itself on the list of most tourists on a Greece vacation. With healthy climate, tranquil locations and interesting nightlife, Crete can be reached from most European capitals. Home to the Temple Tomb, House of Frescoes and the Palace of Knossos, Crete offers possibilities for water sports and lazy beach holidays.

In spite of high tourist influx, Crete boasts of spectacular natural beauty, local traditions and ancient monuments. Explore the National Archaeological Museum and the History museum. Don't miss the wonderful Minoan sites of Knossos, Malia and Phaestos. Tourists to Crete can observe the narrow alleys fringed with Turkish houses, characterized by traditional wooden balconies. Tourists to Crete can observe the narrow alleys fringed with Turkish houses, characterized by traditional wooden balconies.

Delphi, located on Mount Parnassos boasts of the famous ruins of the Temple of Apollo as well as breathtaking views of rocky hillsides and verdant olive groves. You can visit the modern town of Olypia, and take in the restored temples including the famous Temple of Zeus.

Skiathos is a popular travel destination in Greece. You can rent a villa or hotel room and enjoy the pleasures of pine and olive groves and take boat trips to the Blue Cave and Pebble Beach.

Skopelos island offers small bays and golden beaches for a lazy vacation. Explore tiny white chapels and walk down narrow cobbled lanes.

Aegina is easily accessible from Athens and offers tourists clear seas and pristine beaches. You can visit the Agia Marina and wooded islands of Angistri and Moni. Don't forget to carry back some pistachios and ceramics.

Travel to Greece during April to June. You might find the islands crowded soon after. While Greek is the national language, tourists on a vacation to Greece may find some speaking little English, French or Italian. Ensure that you have comfortable walking shoes to explore ancient ruins and archaeological sites. With a warm Mediterranean climate, Greece travel necessitates carrying lightweight clothing and light sweaters.

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