Adventure Travel Jobs

Are you passionate about hiking in Mt.Olympus, biking in Europe, traveling in the jungles of Thailand, hot air ballooning in France, Glacier skiing in Alaska or just walking in Australia! Then adventure travel job might be just up your street! The challenge of the outdoor invites those who seek excitement and the risk factor in their careers.

Adventure travel jobs
  • For those seeking adventure travel jobs in water, there are posts of canoe guides, kayak guides, white water rafting guides, river guides and boat captains.

  • For land lovers, adventure travel jobs include cycling guides, horseback and outdoor educators, tour guides, trek leaders, trip leaders and wilderness specialists. Other options include climbing guides, mountaineering guides and ski guides.

  • Outdoor adventure specialists can have the option of working as outfitting staff guides, natural history guides, safari guides, tour leaders and trail staff.

The earning potential of adventure travel jobs is unlimited. A travel guide for instance could earn about $ 10 per hour upward with added incentives and seasonal bonuses. Since most of the travel companies allow their employees to accept tips, the earning can be really good with outstanding perks and allowances.

A tour leader or a manager could earn a handsome monthly salary with benefits including a weekly lodging allowance, rustic sleeping accommodations, and weekends off, reimbursement for visit to museums, historical sites or tours, free time to visit a different set of challenging outdoors. A variety of lodging facilities and plenty of seasonal work opportunities are provided for trip leaders who are much sought after. Competitive wages, free staff housing and meal options for a small fee and unlimited adventure trips and complimentary tickets and lodging discounts and pro deal purchases go with most of the adventure travel job package.

Apart from excellent outdoor adventure opportunities, travel coordinators get paid $ 200 per week as also housing in cabins, meals, laundry facilities, internet access, health club memberships and access to recreational buildings. Miscellaneous categories of skilled and semi skilled workers in adventure travel, get provided with rustic cabin tent housing facilities with meals along with a monthly salary ranging from $ 800 to $ 2000.

Apprentice and intern jobs are open for students- undergraduates, graduates and break school students above the age of 17 years and also student volunteers. Thousand of seasonal workers, summer jobbers and interns enjoy working in American parks, forest and outdoor playgrounds. Field staff, youth corps and field crew members, crew supervisors work in jobs that include wilderness and adventure settings.

Travel guides

The job of an adventure travel guide or escort is for a spirited adventurer interested in guiding others safely in and out of the wild. Guides may work in natural history, fishing or rivers, in trail hikes, wilderness safaris or mountaineering expeditions, float trips and nature tours. Most of the guides attend intensive training camps prior to the tour/trip. For instance kayak adventure guides normally participate in training programs where they are taught to use high-end paddling equipments, handle currents, read weather and find wildlife.

The working hours of adventure travel guides could be long and arduous. Guides primarily perform the task of professional educators and need to keep abreast of history, geography and cultures of areas and sites on the itinerary. Communication skills are the hallmark of a good travel guide so as to communicate with people from diverse parts of the world.

Travel guides working in a larger company enjoy the advantage of traveling to different locales across the globe. For instance during summer they might visit the Yosemite national park in the US, then lead the tour through New England in the Fall and finish the year on the tropical islands of Hawaii. A guide can travel to Alaska, Jamaica or Canada.

Adventure Travel Manager

An adventure travel tour manager has to manage challenging passengers. In case of unexpected natural calamities like hurricane or floods, the manager should be able to rearrange the entire tour instantly. In addition to providing companionship, the tour manager is responsible for coordination, including checking in and out of hotels, coordinating sightseeing and transportation and providing informational narrative about the sights visited.

Instructors / educators

Instructors must manage group dynamics, coordinate trip logistics, maintain outdoor equipment, teach outdoor skills including backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, sailing, mountain biking, cooking and orienteering. The task of tour educators is focus on outdoor skill development, teamwork and sensitivity to the environment. Outdoor educators are normally hired on contract or seasonal basis with an opportunity to return for multiple seasons.

Adventure Naturalists

The job of a naturalist combines 'respectful interaction with wildlife laced with serious fun'. The job of an outdoor naturalist blends elements of wilderness travel; from rock climbing to kayaking to whale watching to environmental education. Strong ecological awareness and first aid certification is a must.

Adventure travel jobs for animal lovers

There are several top adventure travel jobs for animal lovers. Jobs in ranches though frightening in the beginning could turn out to be enjoyable especially while taking people out trekking through the mountains, plains or the desert. This is also a great way to get back to nature and commune with fabulous animals and people at the same time.

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