Costa Rica Adventure Travel

If you are looking for an extreme adventure travel destination and direct contact with Mother Earth, it's time to taste the land of Costa Rica. Though small in size, covering only 0.01 % of the Earth's landmass, Costa Rica offers wide range of adventure travel experiences - promising enough to take back home vivid experiences much different from the ones you have had. Costa Rica is blessed with 5% of the world's biodiversity and unmistakably remains a place of abundant wonders.

How about listening to the rumbling noise of the active Arenal volcano or waking to the loud roar of howler monkeys or facing dangerous encounters with wildlife of Costa Rica? Read through to find what kind of an action-packed adventure experience waits in this land of volcanoes, jungles, wildlife and incredible white water. Get set for Costa Rica adventure travel.

Costa Rica adventure

The silence and stillness that prevails in the meadows and remote locations combine to make your trip the most complete Costa Rica travel adventure. There is adventure in the air, on foot, on water apart from other attractions including countless gorgeous beaches, spectacular scenic spots, abundant flora and fauna that every traveler looks forward to. Most of the adventure spots in Costa Rica can be best explored by booking a tour; alternatively you can take a public bus or drive a rental car. An agile mind and body and some experience with cycling are important pre-requisites, which can greatly increase the amount of fun you will have.

Costa Rica adventure travel options

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica: A number of roaring rivers tumbling down from mountainsides guarantee fantastic white water rafting trips in Costa Rica. Most of these rivers are turbulent with great water levels all year long. The Reventaz?n, the famous Pacuare and the class 5 Chirrip?, in the southern reaches of the country, to the spectacular Pe?as Blancas, the mighty Toro, and the Sarapiqui, located in the northern central area of Costa Rica offer world class whitewater rafting opportunities. Tucarrici section offers two and three rapids while the powerhouse section caters to category four.

As you brave the challenges of whitewater expedition, you can feast your eyes on beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife and exotic flora and fauna. The adventurous travelers schedule their trip during the wet season, May through October when the rains bring the water levels high up to alarming adventurous levels. Trips cater to all ability levels and interests, for beginners and experienced rafters alike. Before you set out on an adventurous white water rafting trip, look out for an experienced guide and get proper equipment, rafts, paddles, life jackets and helmets.

Surfing in Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a haven for surfers. Though the waves are good all year around, December to April are the best surfing months. There are close to 50 famous surf breaks along its shoreline, each one diverse in nature spread throughout Costa Rica. The main beaches, Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa are most sought by beginners. Even otherwise, the uncrowded waters and perfect waves prove to be a safe choice to beginners as the advanced beginners who want to improve surfing skills.

Experienced surfers find the more challenging waves on the planet right here in Costa Rica. Deciding to go in a group for surfing camps can be more exciting. Preparing your own meals, setting up and breaking down camp on the beach, striking new friendships and you can improve surfing skills with help from team members.

Playa Hermosa, Playa Grande, Payones, Witches Rock and Salsa Brava are rated the best while the other surf points like Dominical, Santa Teresa/Mal Pais, Playa Negra, Playa Junguillal and Playa Avellana are also quite popular. The Jaco/Hermosa area is world-renowned and is considered to be the surf Mecca of the central pacific coast and possibly of all Costa Rica. Boca Barranca is famous especially for long boarding.

Volcano tours in Costa Rica

In all, there are 120 volcanoes of which 7 are active and 60 are dormant. The active Arenal volcano is the premier destination for day/night spectacular volcano watching. Climbing is forbidden; hence you can go horseback riding to the Arenal Volcano. As it booms and rumbles with an unnerving consistency, you may get to see the red lava flowing, fire belching and the rolling boulders as well. Besides Arenal, Poas, Rincon de la Vieja, Irazu, Turrialba, Orosi, Kakao, Porvenir, El Viejo, Platanar, Barva, Tenorio and Miravalles also attract adventure tourists. Apart from watching the volcano, the other attractions in the area include scenic beauty in the national parks that are abundant in diverse flora and fauna.

Hiking in Costa Rica

Get ready with ample spirit of adventure to explore the Quepos -San Marcos de Tarrazu, the popular adventure-filled hiking trail in Costa Rica. Hiking to the Sirena Ranger Station requires complete physical fitness and a true adventurous mind. As such, the hiking options are aplenty; choose the one matching your hiking ability.

The national parks have short trails and long distance hiking is mostly through the jungle, rainforest, and volcanic slopes along the coast or to brisk mountain valleys. Encounters with the wild side of Costa Rica are truly adventurous. While day hiking in the wild, you may encounter several kinds of monkeys and at night, it's common to seek out sloth and tarantulas. You can travel with or without a guide. Hiking into the wilderness is safe with a guide. The deciding factor is the trail itself, be it a short, easy or blistering trail. And the duration, if it's a one-hour hike or week-long hiking and camping trip.

Canopy tours, Zip-line tours

With increasing number of tourists wishing for real time adventure during their visits to Costa Rica, canopy tours- the aerial adventure have become very popular. Canopy tours involve simply flying through the treetops of rain forests. An amazing thrilling adventure travel experience, the tour at Mahogany Park requires you to be ready for a series of maneuvers. A journey through treetops involves swinging, soaring and hanging between platforms. All the while, you can feast your eyes to spectacular views of the jungle below.

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