Chinese restaurant San Francisco

San Francisco has a wide range of restaurants and bars that can have the most die-hard gourmand satiated. Look up our guide to Chinese restaurants and Thai restaurants in San Francisco. Those seeking pasta and more can peruse our San Francisco Mexican restaurant guide for mouthwatering burritas and soups.

Chinese restaurant San Francisco
Eliza's - A popular Chinese restaurant in San Francisco that serves tasty Hunan and Mandarin cooking at affordable prices. The cheerful ambience is perfect for mu shu pork, Buddah's delight and kung pao chicken. Seek the flavor of Chinese cooking sans MSG.

The Firecracker is located on Valencia and is very popular for its walnut-tossed prawns and spicy-hot tossed shrimp. Be sure to book your table in advance. The Mandarin offers a wonderful ambience with exquisite Chinese artifacts and a marvelous view of the Bay. You can order the Peking Duck or tea-smoked duck. Try the flaky spring onion pancakes and honeyed walnuts with stir-fried prawns. The dim sum at the Fook Yuen is served from trays at lunch and is a tasty bet. This Chinese restaurant in San Francisco also offers steamed prawns with garlic, juicy steamed oysters and crispy catfish. The Lichee Garden is a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco serving Cantonese cuisine since 20 years. Great Eastern boasts of a largely native Chinese clientele. Look for lobster sashimi and prawns in this Chinese restaurant.

Thai restaurant San Francisco
Don't miss the Basic Thai restaurant in San Francisco - with its stylish interiors and concrete topped bar. Other popular Thai restaurants in San Francisco are Bai Som Thai Kitchen and Ozone Thai Restaurant. Try Thai Time for the Kao Soy and Hoy Tod - an omelet filled with clams. The classic Khan Toke Thai House serves traditional northern food. Enjoy the Thai food sitting cross-legged at low tables with your shoes taken off. Another popular Thai restaurant in San Francisco is the Patpong Thai Noodles. The Marnee Thai restaurant on Irving Street is a popular haunt for celebrations. Chicken wings in basil are wonderful for appetizers.

Italian restaurant San Francisco
The Last Supper Club is an Italian restaurant in San Francisco offering wonderful food at great prices - little wonder that it is hard to find a table. Look for roasted octopus with chickpeas or white truffle cheese fondue. The Sociale is located at Laurel Heights and is a cozy venue for a great meal. Choose from pappardelle with braised duck and porcini mushrooms. Don't miss the olive fritte. Finish the meal with a Sfingi - Sicilian donut with vanilla gelato. Acquerello offers warm salads and pasta dishes tossed in brown butter and sage. The wine selection is impressive. Puccini and Pinetti have an Italian grill and American Bar. Situated just off Union Square, this Italian restaurant in San Francisco offers wood fired pizzas, salads and paninis. Kids can make their own pizzas too. Palio d'Asti on Sacramento Street offers earthy cuisine from Tuscany and Liguria. Seafood stew and fresh desserts are recommended. Other Italian restaurants in San Francisco are Alioto's No. 8, Delfina, Incanto and A16. The Ristorante Ideal on Grant Avenue has simple Roman specialties such as fettucine in tomato sauce with lobster or lamb. Try Rose Pistola or Scala's Bistro.

Mexican restaurant San Francisco
Chava's Mexican Restaurant has an appetizing range of soups served with limes, onion and cilantro. The tripe soup for Sunday brunch is worth the effort. Handmade tortillas come with most dishes. Papalote serves many a vegan delicacy - beans, guacamole and rice. Fish tacos and salsa lovers will be in for a treat. Try El Balazo or El Chachanilla for burritos and fish tacos. The El Farolitos Taqueria serves veggie burritos with avocado and grilled onions (cebollitas).

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