Cardiff Entertainment

Cardiff city life can be quite hectic for the locals as well as tourists making it necessary for the need for wholesome entertainment to keep the spirits going. There are many entertainment and leisure avenues in Cardiff - art galleries, clubs and bars, restaurants, film and cinema.

Art Galleries
The historical background of Cardiff makes it a treasure trove of artifacts, which has naturally made Cardiff home to many famous Welsh art galleries. A few prominent Cardiff art galleries are

Albany GalleryIt was established in 1965 and is recognized, as one of Cardiff's successful and long established privately owned commercial art gallery. The top floor of the gallery displays an exhibition of paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramics by gallery artists, providing high quality contemporary fine and applied art. Prices range from ?50 - ?30,000. The gallery provides a friendly and informal atmosphere where visitors feel at home.

Martin Tinney Gallery It was established in Cardiff in 1989 and is considered one of Cardiff's premier private commercial art gallery. The gallery specializes predominantly in Welsh and Wales-based artists of the highest quality, past and present

La Mostra GalleryIt is Cardiff's first commercial art gallery to house international paintings, sculptures and artifacts. The Gallery is an exhibition space in which visitors and artists can interact. It has become a center of cultural communication.

Film and Cinema Cardiff entertainment scenario boasts of film and cinema halls of international standards. The cinemas screen the latest blockbusters with affordable admission costs and good service thereby making for an entertaining evening out. The top-notch cinemas of Cardiff are

  • Circle cinemas
  • Monico cinema
  • Theatre Royal cinema

Leisure Activities
Cardiff also provides a plethora of leisure activities for fun seekers like bowling, ice-skating, carting, skate boarding, bird watching and surfing.

Television and Radio
Cardiff has a variety of television channels, local as well as national, which cater to varying tastes of the viewers. The programs that are relayed vary from soap operas to educational programs, kid's programs and movie-based programs. Radios with their round- the- clock programs provide a great source of entertainment for listeners. Normally radios provide unplugged music, which may be contemporary or belonging to a certain genre like pop, jazz or blues. Cardiff has innumerable radio stations, which cater mainly to the entertainment needs of travelling listeners.

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