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Cardiff - The capital city of Wales offers a breathtaking view of the Welsh countryside. A visitor to Cardiff will be enthralled by the many sculptures and elegant architecture that dot the redeveloped waterfront. The city of Cardiff is located on both banks of the river Taff where it meets the Bristol Channel. Places of interest to a tourist in Cardiff are the National Museum of Wales, Llandaf Cathedral and Welsh Folk Museum. As any tourist to Cardiff would know, the Cardiff Castle occupies pride of place with its impressive Roman and Norman fortifications as well as the Welsh Regiment Museum and Queen's Dragoon Guards Museum that are housed within its premises. A Cardiff tourist information guide would provide information on the famous parks and gardens that the city is famous for. While in Cardiff, do not miss the shopping opportunities that the city offers. Modern shopping malls to Edwardian arcades - Cardiff has it all!

Cardiff is a university city, with thousands of students bustling around. The university of Cardiff boasts of one of the largest and most active students' unions in the country. No tourist information on Cardiff is complete without mentioning the various cultural events that the city celebrates. The summer street festival 'Music in the Bay' and other festivals draw tourists to this Welsh capital. The Millennium Stadium is a prominent feature on the Cardiff skyline. Cardiff is also developing rapidly into one of Europe's finest maritime cities. The year 2005 will see Cardiff celebrating its 50th year as the capital of Wales and its centenary as a city. Find out more about Cardiff - how to get there, where to stay, local tours and other information that is pertinent for tourists and residents alike. Cardiff cityround takes you on a trip of this vibrant city, with its fairytale castles, breathtaking mountains, verdant valleys and picturesque coastline. Join us in our exploration of this beautiful city.

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