Manchester Jazz Festival

Manchester jazz festival of MJF as it is commonly referred to is an 8-day program that keeps jazz fans enthralled. Manchester jazz festival 2004 had five premi?res and brought together several bands. Most events at the Manchester jazz festival are free. It is an excellent opportunity to listen to some of the best musicians of the North West. You can hear some of the best of jazz -- from the contemporary to the classical. John Helliwell launched the festival with his new group Cr?me Anglaise. Wynton Marsalis from New York with his Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra in association with the Bridgewater Hall drew a big crowd.

Bill Ward of Coronation Street held the audience spellbound at the Manchester jazz festival held in July 2004. His impromptu performance on the clarinet had jazz fans clamoring for more. He played with members of the Riverside Jazz Band. The open-air jazz stage in St. Anne?s Square is host to most of the concerts during the day. The Green Room is the venue for most ticketed evening performances of the Manchester jazz festival. The Manchester jazz festival is an eight-day extravaganza that draws crowds from all over the world.

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