Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC
The Manchester United Football Club began as a team founded by workers from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railways in 1878. The first of seven First Division titles was won in 1908. With its club headquarters in Old Trafford, the Manchester United FC soon went on to win an FA Cup the following year. It was just a matter of time that the Manchester United Football Club became a force to reckon with on the English football scene. The Second World War saw a new era for Manchester United FC.

Under the management of Sir Matt Busby, the popular football club attained greater heights. The Manchester United team starring Charlton, Best and Law were a force to reckon with and later went on to win the European Cup. It was Sir Alex Ferguson who later went on to build a team that went on a winning spree of seven premiership titles over the last ten years. The remarkable treble of 1999 was followed by championships in 2000 and 2001. He has been the most successful manager for Manchester United FC.

Manchester United holds the distinction of being not just a successful English soccer club, but also the richest sporting franchisee in the world. With a fan base spanning about 50 million, it is little wonder that Manchester United tickets are sold like hot cakes.But this September, Manchester United has reported a fall in annual profits to the tune of about 30%.

Investing in new players after the move of David Beckham has been a major cause. Lackluster performance in two lucrative tournaments has also affected the profits. Last season saw Manchester United coming third place in the English Premiership. The team crashed out of the Champions League in March.

Manchester United ticket
Despite falling revenues, Manchester club has reported higher operating profits from sales of replica shirts and other merchandise. Manchester United FC will tour the Far East next year to play matches in China and Hong Kong. Permission is bring sought to expand the capacity at the Old Trafford ground by a further 7,800 seats by the start of the 2006 ?2007 season. This will also boost Manchester United tickets receipts.

For the game in Manchester on October 9, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) has ruled that most of the tickets are to be split between clubs, players, sponsors and FAW committee members. A ticket for this Manchester United match before a crowd of 67,000 can clinch the hopes of Wales and England in qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Manchester united jersey
Nike paid over ?100 million and has become the official manufacturer of the one of the world?s best selling football shirt ? Manchester United jersey. The brand new Manchester United home goalkeeper jersey is also known as the U Tim Howard jersey. This Manchester United jersey is available in long and short sleeves. The 2004-2006 Manchester United home shirt has a large Vodaphone logo and is available in long and short sleeves. Manchester United jerseys that are popularized by players from Old Trafford are a rage with the football club fans.

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