Birmingham City Football Club

Founded in 1875 under the name of Small Heath Alliance, the Birmingham City football club team was known as the 'Blues'. They are still called by that name lovingly by their fans and admirers. The club moved to its first ground, Muntz Street, in 1877, which was rented from the Greeley family for ?5 a year. It was not until 1905 that the club became known as Birmingham City, and in 1906 the club's growth meant that a change of ground was necessary. Blues moved to the current St. Andrew's site in 1906 - their opening fixture against Middlesbrough attracting in excess of 30,000 fans.

More about Birmingham City Football club
The Birmingham City Football club has the misfortune of never having won either the League Championship or the FA Cup. Their best effort till date was appearing for the finals of FA cup in 1955 where they lost out to Manchester City team. The Football Club of Birmingham is also known for its benevolence and patriotism as it offered St.Andrew's as a rifle range to train soldiers during the First World War. In the year 1972 the Birmingham City Football club recorded its highest attendance - a huge crowd of over 67,000 fans cheering the home team in their F.A cup tie against Everton. St.Andrew's Stadium, the home of Birmingham City Football club had a massive 20 hits by German bombers during the Second World War and was unusable till 1943.

Stars of Birmingham City Football club
Trevor Francis
-In 1970 Trevor Francis made his first appearance for the Birmingham City Football club. Trevor was a true legend who captured the heart of the Blues' fans. He scored 133 goals in 328 appearances. In 1979 he became the first million pound English footballer, moving to Nottingham Forest. Trevor returned two decades later as an efficient manager taking the club to unparalleled heights.

Gordon Taylor - Gordon Taylor was one of the finest midfielder the Birmingham City Football club has ever seen. The trio of Trevor Francis, Gordon Taylor and Latchford took the club to dizzying heights during the 1970/71 season. It was due to the efforts of these players Birmingham City Football club was promoted back to First division.