Sea Life Center Birmingham

Sea life center in Birmingham overlooks the city's famous canal network. The National Sea life Centre displays over 60 displays of sea and freshwater creatures. This sea life center is part of an international chain of sea life venues that offers tourists a glimpse into the world beneath the sea. The 360-degree transparent tunnel allows a visitor to take a look at the ocean, which is teeming with sharks, stingrays and other marine creatures. The Seahorse Breeding and Conservation Centre of the Birmingham Sea life Centre undertakes breeding and rearing of seahorses. This facility houses different species of seahorses.

A visit to the Birmingham Sea life centre offers an opportunity to view the giant green sea turtles, black tip reef sharks and tropical reef fish. You can also view otters, seahorses, crabs, lobsters and stingrays. A day at the Birmingham Sea life Centre is an educative outing for the kids, who will be fascinated at the themed displays. The Tropical Sea showcases coral, manta rays and colorful tropical fish. You can take a look at various creatures living in rivers. What better way to glimpse at the wonderful attractions lying beneath the sea than to visit the Birmingham National Sea life centre!