Birmingham Tourist Information

Birmingham is situated right in the heart of England. Visitors from all round the world frequent the city. Birmingham is very friendly and bustling and offers a spectacular and diverse nightlife. The city has wonderful historic attractions and is home to the famous Birmingham Orchestra and Birmingham Royal Ballet. Birmingham tourist information centres are located near all major attractions to help out the visitors.

Birmingham is also known as 'the city of a thousand trades' because of its vast diversity of manufacturing firms. Birmingham is still an important manufacturing centre producing among many other things, which includes chocolate, cars and jewelry. The city is filled with best hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. Birmingham is well known among the European cities for its nightlife. The International Conventional Centre, located in the city centre has been the host to meetings of world leaders in industry and politics. The ICC is the home for Birmingham Symphony orchestra with its elegant hall renowned for its wonderful acoustics.

The city has a wealth of splendid architecture in its older buildings, around the city. Among those include the Town Hall, built in 1830's, which stands as an example of Victorian Architecture. Inspired by classical Roman temples, the building has 40 Corinthian columns of Anglesey marble. The Council House built in Renaissance style in 1870's has a clock known locally as a 'Big Brum'. Birmingham tourist board is taking initiatives to develop and promote leisure tourism in the city. The Birmingham Tourism Board is commissioned by the City Council and it looks in to the issues relating to tourist information centres and facilities for the visitors. There are nearly 62 tourist information centres in Wales. Their staff offers assistance with accommodation and sightseeing to visitors from home and abroad. Increasingly, there are organizations such as convention bureaus and public-private initiatives, e.g. Marketing Birmingham, which have a role to play in promoting their areas to tourists.