Birmingham Wheel

The Birmingham Wheel allows both locals and tourists alike to enjoy a spectacular view of Birmingham and its surrounding area. Rising high at 60 meters (197 feet), the Birmingham Wheel is the city's answer to the London Eye. The Birmingham Wheel allows you to see the city from altitudes never imagined before. You can find the Wheel at the Centenary Square situated on the west of New Street. This time the wheel at Birmingham has larger glass gondolas that are air-conditioned. The new wheel is smoother and slower and offers occupants a breathtaking view of the city beneath.

This huge Birmingham Wheel costs around ?3.5 million and weighs 365 tonnes. The Wheel has 21 giant steel spokes and 50,000 light bulbs. It was transported on 24 lorries before its installation. The Birmingham wheel rises to the rooftops of the city and was built in Holland. The Birmingham wheel is one of the World's largest transportable wheels. Open to public from October 2004, the Birmingham Wheel is a major tourist draw. At ?5 per adult, it is a treat for the eyes offering nearly a 360-degree view.