Empire Theater Liverpool

Liverpool Theater

Liverpool Theatre took off in a big way in the 19th century with audiences thronging to its numerous theatres and music halls. The city boasted of nearly 26 theatres and 38 music halls. Theatres in Liverpool saw many a Victorian pantomime that combined comic opera and musical shows. Liverpool offered a wealth of excellent theatre productions in many venues. Some of the Liverpool theatres of repute are:

  • Empire Theatre

  • Everyman Theatre

  • Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

  • Neptune Theatre

  • Playhouse Theatre

  • Royal Court Theatre

  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)

  • Unity Theatre and Studio

The Neptune Theatre has a seating capacity of about 445 whereas the Everyman can seat about 400. The Playhouse in Liverpool has been renovated. The LIPA was funded extensively by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney to provide training in all aspects of performing arts. Today the theatre scene in Liverpool ranges from Shakespeare and the classics to contemporary dramas.

The Unity Theatre in Liverpool was established to promote small and innovative productions and provide impetus to pioneering theatre. The Masque and The Olympia are lesser-known venues built in the city centre that offer theatre, gigs and rock and techno shows.

Empire Theater Liverpool

The Empire theatre in Liverpool opened on 9 March 1925. This two-tiered theatre in Liverpool is the largest in the country. The Empire theatre has seen refurbishment of its interiors in recent years. This theatre has seen West End musicals, Disney shows, pantomimes and operas and ballet performances.

The Empire Theatre in Liverpool was originally known as The New Prince of Wales Theatre and Opera House. It later changed its name to The Royal Alexandra Theatre too. The Empire Theatre in Liverpool began with a performance of 'Better Days'. The Beatles gave their final performance at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

It has also seen performances by stars such as Frank Sinatra. The Empire Theatre in Liverpool with a seating capacity of 2340 was built as a lyric theatre and is perhaps the largest in all of Merseyside.

Royal court Liverpool

One of Liverpool's leading music venues, The Royal Court Theatre has hosted many a grand performance from plays and pantomimes to rock and pop concerts. The Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool was rebuilt in Art Deco style.

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