St Johns Market Liverpool

A shopping enthusiast can head straight to St Johns market in Liverpool city centre. Located close to Lime Street Station, St Johns market in Liverpool covers nearly 33,445 sq m and offers nearly 100 units within the centre. This market in the city centre of Liverpool is perhaps the largest shopping centre in the city offering a wide range of goods ranging from clothing and kitchenware to foodstuff and electrical goods.

The proximity of St Johns market to Liverpool city centre make it easily accessible by bus and taxi. The new entrance from Charlotte Street is linked directly by subway to Lime Street Station. The food court within the shopping centre at St. Johns market as well as ample parking allows shoppers a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.

Shopping at St Johns market in Liverpool offers you various retailers under a roof, such as Argos, Woolworth's, Wilkinsons and Poundland. Look for budget items or high street fashion at the St. Johns. According to trade reports, the income from St Johns market in Liverpool has risen by 50% during mid 2004.

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