Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral is one of the greatest monuments of Europe, being the largest Anglican cathedral in the European region. Located at St James Mount, the Liverpool cathedral boasts of high gothic arches and heaviest ring of bells. The belltower of the Liverpool Cathedral is probably one of the tallest in the world, rising to a height of 100 metres.

Construction on the Liverpool cathedral began in 1923 and it began to be used only in 1941. It miraculously survived the bombing of the Second World War and was opened in 1978 with a Service of dedication and thanksgiving.

Built of sandstone, the cathedral at Liverpool occupies pride of places as the fifth largest cathedral in the world. The grand organ at the cathedral was made by Henry Willis in 1926 and took 3 years to build. The stained glass windows at the cathedral are exquisitely made and show the artisans who designed and built it - Bodley and Scott.

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