Liverpool Academy

The Liverpool Academy is an open area for performing arts. Its grandiose appearance amazes the visitor with its Victorian and contemporary architecture. The Academy offers three venues and an additional special venue to accommodate the art lovers from around the world. First is the Academy 1 with a capacity of over 2000 people.

Formerly known as the Mountford Hall, Academy 1 is the largest of the three venues of the Liverpool Academy. It was recently refurbished and the balcony was opened in order to increase the seating capacity. The Academy, one of well-established tour circuits in UK has played host to many big names including the Cold Play, The Hives and The Human League. This is a multi purpose venue, which can be converted to a 1000 capacity Academy 4.

Next is the Liverpool Academy 2, formerly known as the Stanley theatre. The Academy 2 is a traditional 1930s theatre, with a capacity of over 400 people. It has a unique removable ceiling revealing a balcony, which is used on very busy nights. Additionally the theatre boasts hi-fi sound and lighting effects.

The Academy 2 was refurbished in 2001 and since then has been host to gigs for the first time in England. The Academy is fast becoming one of the busiest tourist spots on the city side with its ever-growing list of performers like The Vines, Mansun, Lloyd Cole and Cooper Temple Clause. The third venue is the Academy 3, formerly known as the James Brown Room. The academy 3 is named after its former General Manager, the soul legend. It is one of the smallest venues of Britain with a capacity of over 150 people. It is ideal for small groups.

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